Technogence IT Solutions is based in India, a specialized SAP Software development and consulting company.


Technogence believes every SAP Consultant become platinum consultant in long run based on choices of the engagement and location preference to deliver such project as it make their road ahead for next phase of opportunities. Technogence keeps heavy emphasize on following Preference Mapping criteria as part of its initial profile mapping exercise:

  • Location Preference: Regional Preference, City Preference, Long Term Settlement Preference
  • Partner Preference: Direct Customers only or Tier 1 SAP Partners or No Preference
  • Project Type Preference: Turnkey Vs Milestone Engagement
  • Skill Preference: Primary Skill, Secondary Skill
  • Family Preference: Travel Alone or with Family
  • Engagement Preference: Short Term or Long Term or Broken Down into phases.

Technogence believes that while dealing with Our Consultants; one blended rate based communication on project to project basis is not an appropriate approach. We offer multiple Pricing model to Our consultant based on their preference for particular stage of their professional career.




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