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Technogence IT Solutions is based in India, a specialized SAP Software development and consulting company.


Working at Technogence, it's a career. We're one of the SAP developing & consulting companies. We are proud of our market-leading credentials and excellent team of knowledgeable, passionate professionals.

Our goal is to recruit, develop, nurture and retain the best possible individuals for our business and facilitate outstanding people management through our policies and practices. We offer a lively, challenging working environment and development of our staff to ensure that everyone within our company is making the most of their potential.

Technogence has number of positions in various levels whether you are experienced software professional or a beginner in software programming with good attitude and aptitude.

If you wish to build a career which helps to fulfill your entire dream and give yourself an advantage over others, forward your latest updated resume to, if you are energetic, technically strong, zeal to work, then you are at the right place. We encourage all fresher and experienced individuals to work with us and at any of our client / partner locations.

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